If we go back to the time where Islam started in The Arabian Peninsula, we can understand why Islam look at women in such a bad way. At that time wars were on going among the defeated Arabian tribes. As a result, the winning tribe used to get the defeated tribe’s properties, together with their women who were hold as captives. They used to humiliate those women physically and sexually. Those acts are such a shameful and unbearable scandal for the Arabian men who consider the venereal system of women as his own dignity and honor which if encroached by others, and then his dignity and honor are encroached. For that reason it has been instilled in the Arabian mentality that women are infamous. it is also the weakest point for the Arabian man. Arabs used to bury their baby girls alive to get rid of that shame.

When Mohammad started Islam, he treated women the same Arabic normal way. For example:

  1. Men and women do not have equal rights, Value, or even paradise.
    ۞ What I have seen from women who are mentally and religiously inadequate. ۞ Sahih Al Bokhary the Book of menstruation 298.
    ۞ Men are in charge of women. ۞ Surat An-Nisā' 4-34. Kortoby explains this verse saying: In charge means to charge of something, which is watching and keeping it by force. It means that man supports, disciplines, and keeps woman at home. She has to obey whatever he commands her.
  2. Man has the right to marry 1-4 women.
    ۞ He can take up with any number of slave girls or prisoners. Then marry those that please you of women, two or three or four….or those your right hand possesses ۞ Surat An-Nisā'.
  3. Women are created only for sex:
    ۞ Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you (your property), so come to your place of cultivation however you wish (have sex with them whenever you want) ۞ Surat Al-Baqarah 2:223.
    ۞ God Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire - of women. ۞ Surat 'Āli `Imrān 3:14.

  4. A Muslim can have sex with women at any age even if she’s still a kid.
    One of Mohammad, the Muslim prophet’s wives was a nine year old.
    ۞ And those who no longer expect menstruation among your women And [also for] those who have not menstruated. ۞ Surat Aţ-Ţalāq 65:4

  5. A woman cannot object or refuse having sex with her husband. If she does, she is to be punished.
    ۞ If a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses, he would be mad at her and she will be cursed by angels. ۞ Sonan Abi Dawood – the Book of Wedlock.
    If a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses, He who is in heaven would be discontented and she will be cursed by angels. ۞ Sahih Muslim-The Book of Wedlockl.

  6. A woman’s testimony is not considered in court.
    ۞ Isn’t a woman‘s testimony like half the man’s ۞ Sahih al Bokhary the Book of Menstruation 298.

  7. A woman inherits ½ of what man inherits. (half the amount of probate)
    ۞ For the male, what is equal to the share of two females. ۞ Surat An-Nisā' 4:11.

  8. A woman doesn’t have the right to marry or divorce by herself. Her father or her brother (called the Sponsor) is in charge of that. Her husband is the only one who has the right to divorce, but she can’t. A virgin can’t get married without her sponsor’s permission. Fath El Bary explaining sahih Al Bokhary- The Book of Marriage – Father weds his daughter.

  9. A woman has to be completely covered, showing nothing. Her voice is loins, her face is loins, her hair is loins, and her body is loins….because she is the source of corruption, impurity, and lust. A woman comes looking like a devil and departs looking like a devil . Sahih Muslim.. The Book of Marriage and Mosnad Ahmad – Musnad Al Mokthreen.

  10. A woman can’t work or comingle with men. If a man meets with a woman, they will definitely have a sexual relation.
    ۞ Whenever a man and a woman meet but the devil is there. ۞ Mosnad Ahmad 178.

  11. If there is a bad need for a woman to be with one or more men for work, she has to breastfeed him/them 5 times, so they can be legally together.
    ۞ One day came Sahla, the daughter of Soheil, to mohammad the prophet of God and told him (My husband- Abo Hodayfa- gets mad when he saws Salim, my servant, coming into my room. What should I do? He said, breastfeed him.   I said, he has a beard; he is a grown up. He said, breastfeed him woman. ۞ Sonan Al Syouty and the explanation of al Sanady – the book of Marriage 3319.
    The Messenger of God told Aby Hodayfa’s wife “breastfeed him. She said, how do I do that? He is a grown up. He smiled and said “Breast feed him.”   Awn Al Maabood explaining Sonan Aby Dawood- the Book of Marriage: Breast Feeding Grown-ups proves derequisition P.52.

  12. Islam states that a woman is the same as a dog, donkey and devil. A Muslim loses his purity if he looks at any one of them.
    The Messenger of God says:” nothing interrupts the prayers, but a donkey, an unbeliever, a dog, or a woman. By Aesha stated by Ahmed. The Messenger of God said nothing interrupts the prayers…..but he is a devil ” Hadith Aby Saiid stated by Abo Dawood.

  13. A man can beat the woman to discipline her.
    ۞ But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance. forsake them in bed; and strike them. ۞ Surat An-Nisā' 4:34

  14. Islam states that most women are going to hell:
    The Messenger of God said, ۞ I was at the gates of hell and most of them were women. ۞ Sahih Muslim the Book of Rekak 2736.
    The Messenger of God said, ۞ I was at the gates of hell and most of them were women. ۞ Sahih Al Bokhary the Book of Marriage.4900.

  15. Islam allows man to enjoy having sex with woman for money (prostitution) called temporary marriage.
    ۞ We are allowed to marry women for money for a certain period of time. ۞ Mosnad Ahmad –Mosnad Al Mokthereen of the Companions of the prophets.
    ۞ We are allowed to marry women for money for a certain period of time. ۞ Sahih AMuslim – The Book of Marriage.
    ۞ You are permitted to enjoy so enjoy ۞ Sahih al Bokhary- the Book of marriage.

  16. Women are not to take over any ruling or leading positions.
    ۞ No success for those led by women ۞ sonan of Nessaey – the Book of Judges 5388