Here are some of them:

  1. How would Mohammad aged 53 get married to a 6 year old girl (Aisha) and sleep with her (as a wife) when she was nine?

  2. How did mohammad marry Zeinab bent Gahsh, his daughter in law, just for desiring her? What’s more weird is that Mohammad’s God inspired him with a verse in Quran to approve that act:
    ۞ So when Zayd had no longer any need for her,We married her to you. ۞ Surat Al-'Aĥzāb 33:37.

  3. How did Mohammad deal with those women who opposed him?
    ۞ An old lady named Om Kerfa whom he tied between 2 Camels and pulled her apart. ۞ Seyrat Ibn Hesham Al Maghazy volume2 – P.617.
    ۞ Asmaa Bent Marawan who used to say poems insulting Mohammad: He ordered his friend Mohammad to kill her. He stabbed her with a sword in her chest while she was breastfeeding her baby at night then he went to pray with Mohammad at the mosque. ۞ Seyrat Ibn Hesham Al Maghazy v ol. 1 P 173.

  4. How did Mohammad deal with the elderly who didn’t believe in him?
    ۞ Abo Afk – a 120 years old who wasn’t a muslim. Salim – Mohammad’s friend – saw him sleeping in a hall way. He stabbed his liver t the bed he was sleeping on. ۞ Ibn Hesham AlMaghazy Vol. 1 P . 175?

  5. How would a prophet sent by God kill whoever doesn’t believe in him?
    ۞ God’s Messenger said,” I was told to fight people until; they admit that no other God   but God and that Mohammad is His prophet, pray and pay the almsgiving. If they do that, they save their blood. ۞ sahih Al Bokhary- Book of Faith ?

  6. How could a prophet sent by God approve lying (Taqya) in Islam ?
    ۞ Let not believers take Kaafireen (Jews and Christians) as friends (allies) rather than believers. And   whoever [of you] does that you are not of Allah (you are not a Muslim), except by way of Takyah against them (Islam allows Muslims to pretend to befriend and lie to Christians by tongue but in their hearts to have hatred and hostility toward them) ۞ Surat Ali `Imran 3:28.

  7. How would Mohammad command his followers to favor Muslims if they are unjust or unjustly treated?
    ۞ Mohammad the prophet said, “favor your brother if he is just or unjustly treated. ۞ Sahih Al Bokhary- book of Mazalim 2313.

  8. How would the Muslim prophet permit prosecution?
    ۞ We are allowed to marry women for money for a certain period of time. ۞ Mosnad Ahmad –Mosnad Al Mokthereen of the Companions of the prophets.
    ۞ We are allowed to marry women for money for a certain period of time. ۞ Sahih Muslim – The Book of Temporary Marriage. P. 1404
    ۞ You are permitted to enjoy so enjoy ۞ Sahih al Bokhary- the Book of marriage P.4788

  9. How would the Muslim prophet command his followers to marry 4 woman at most, yet Mohammad didn’t follow his own commands- He married 9 women?
    ۞ Then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. ۞ Surat An-Nisā' 4:3.

  10. How would the Muslim prophet allow Al-mfajzh  (put the penis between the thighs of the baby girl for sexual enjoyment ) with a baby girl. He himself used it with Aisha when she was 6 - 9 years old?
    Al-mfajzh sat down between her thighs, or above them, such as sexual intercourse   Jurisprudence Encyclopedia - Conditions of the Fund relating to Al-mfajzh.